Spring is coming, forget the overgrown rat ground hog predictions, it just has to be!
On Monday it was freezing. Take this with a grain of salt I am after all from the Caribbean. That being said it was a very cold day especially considering that we were all in short sleeves on Saturday. This was brought to my attention first thing in the morning since my husband a.k.a. Mr. It’s not that cold out; it’s only 40 degrees exclaimed upon checking his phone “Babe! It’s 25 degrees outside!” My response to that was of course the biggest eye roll in history. That’s my style of late with the weather.
I don’t enjoy the cold perhaps it’s my age, perhaps I just prefer it warm. I don’t enjoy the complete “soak me down humidity” that often comes with the summers of Charlottesville either but, I definitely do not appreciate the cold. We have had so many snow days this year. For those of you who have had news of acceptance to Darden, WHOOP WHOOP!!, do not get excited, it is a very rare occasion when UVA closes school, even for snow. It has just been an unusually snowy, cold season in Charlottesville and I have definitely had enough of winter. I also have never been appreciative of Phil’s predictions of “X” number more days of winter; he’s been on my list since February. Whose bright idea was it to ever listen to an animal who apparently gets scared when he sees his shadow? He brought it into being, I am convinced! I am also ready to be wearing less clothes plus, it’s time to assess the damage from all that hot chocolate I’ve consumed to warm up I have beaches to visit in the summer (yes, leave it alone guys, it’s a girl thing)
Enough, whining, like I said spring is coming. I know this because the birds are out, squirrels are getting brave again, and I’ve been visited by ladybugs and as of Sunday afternoon wasps which was okay but, ended very badly for him when he thought I would be cool with him walking up my arm…sorry. The landscapers at Darden have the right idea too, forcibly bringing in the blooms of spring. As of this week we literally have spring in the garden areas and entry, all around Darden.
If only the weather would get on board now…

2014-03-25 18.26
Kudos again to the second round candidates of Darden Class of 2016!

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