Much to do in C’ville

Let it be known all over the world, of Darden, that we are going to be famous!

In August a local Wine and Design opened up in Charlottesville. Yes, we are just cool like that in C’ville. What was even cooler was that they partnered with Living Social for a lovely discount, bonus! All it takes is one to get the ball rolling and with a quick message out on the DPA facebook page, courtesy of Agnes, we had a group to participate.

I am not sure which was more fun, the creative moments and relaxing atmosphere from PUI (painting under a little influence) or the fact that I was able to say to Mr. Man, “dinner is in the kitchen when you’re hungry, I am off to paint”. It is the little things in this life.

To be honest, I was a bit nervous about the whole painting exercise as it had been so long since I had painted anything. However, I was soon put at ease with the easy atmosphere and let’s be honest a few sips of wine. We had so many laughs and the instructor was just awesome with great pointers, including most importantly not rinsing your paint brush in the wine glass. Hey, things happen while you’re in that creative mode.

We had a great night together and with the aid of some wine discovered that we all have a little bit of van Gogh in us.  Now it’s just to figure out which wall will be perfect for the masterpiece and to convince Mr. Man that we could make some money off these skills I apparently have. Bring on the wine!!


Kindly note the addition of Ralph the dog in Veronica’s painting.

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One thought on “Much to do in C’ville

  1. It was such a fun night! Let’s do it again soon. 🙂

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